“Once you do the research it’s clear as day to anyone who cares about their dog, raw food is the only option for responsibly feeding your beloved K9. Bramble hills dog food exemplifies everything you would want in a raw food. I have been fortunate enough to be getting my dog food directly from where it’s made, Johnson’s butcher in Chilliwack. Not only is the manager, Tammy, an awesome person and super knowledgeable with regard to canine nutrition, their facilities are extremely clean. I have been feeding my two dogs bramble hills dog food for the past seven and four years respectively and my pups Farley and Alice are the epitome of good health. When I met my wife five years ago she had a 12-year-old blue healer whose health was in rapid decline. When we met I switched “Chyna” to Bramble Hills. I’m no veterinarian but my wife and I both saw a remarkable turnaround in her health and vitality. Having a pack around her also helped I’m sure as well as moving to an acreage but Chyna got a whole new lease on life and made it to the ripe old age of 17! I would never dream of feeding my dogs anything but a raw diet ever again.”

A. Iannucci



“Kodin, our youngest German Shephard, just turned 10. He still acts like he’s 2! When we hike into snow he does snow angels. When we get near water of any kind he runs straight in and plays hungry hippo. When he finds a stick he hops to us like a rabbit with a happy growl. His older brother Cache is much the same. He’s almost 11. They’ve been eating your Bramble Hill raw dog food since they were pups when we brought them home. We get compliments on the trails all the time about how good they look. Their coats are shiny and their teeth are clean. They haven’t been to a vet for years. We can’t say for certain that it’s due to your raw dog food, but we’re pretty sure it doesn’t hurt. The food is always consistent and it always smells fresh.

Thanks very much for your great service over the years and your very excellent dog food!”

Anna and Gord Farrell


“Great Danes eat a lot of food, period, and I have been feeding Bramblehill’s chicken to mine for 8 years. My Dane is INCREDIBLY fussy but he ravishes his meals and won’t eat anything but the chicken formula. Kona’s breeder ( A 35 year Dane breeder) in the U.S. wishes she could get it down there for her champions.
Kona’s health has been exceptional and without a doubt, I believe a lot of it rests on his diet.

Thanks to Tammy and the crew at Bramblehill’s for helping me maintain the health of my Champion.”

In Trust,

Curt Chilcott


“After searching for the best quality product we finally found Bramblehill’s! This company was recommended to us by a trusted pet owner as she purchases the product for her many dogs. We have been incredibly satisfied with the raw food product and our dog is very happy too! This is the best quality, freshest food that we have been able to find in the entire Lower Mainland. As our dog has allergies, they make it to order for his special diet and have been very accommodating to his special needs. Since discovering this product we have never considered going elsewhere and the cost is very affordable compared to other raw food products on the market. We tell everyone about the quality of raw food we purchase and truly feel that this is the very best product out there for our dog. We would recommend this product to anyone who wants to try raw food for their pet and are certain that they will not be disappointed.”

The Hamiltons